The Goldfield Ashes Cricket Tournament. Charters Towers Queensland.

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Charters Towers Goldfield Ashes


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Goldfield Ashes. Charters Towers

Postal Address: P O Box 1142, Charters Towers Q 4820 | Email: [email protected]

Goldfield ashes Cricket

Rules Of Carnival

President:  Craig McAllister
Secretary:  Debbie Urquhart
Treasurer:  Kerri Forno
Statistician:  Kim Davis
Patron:  David Plant


A Grade – Hours of Play

Friday:  Round 1 (9am – 12noon); Round 2 (2pm to 5pm)
Saturday: Round 3 (9am – 12noon); Round 4 (2pm to 5pm)
Sunday: Round 5 (9am – 12noon); Round 6 (1pm to 4pm)
NOTE:  The Committee may delay the start of the grand final (1st v 2nd) at their discretion.

B1 Grade – Hours of Play

Friday & Saturday Games – 9:30am to 1:00pm; 2:00pm to Finish
Sunday Games – 8:30am to 12:00noon; 1:00pm to 5:00pm
Play MUST finish at 5:00pm on the final day.  If the second 50 overs have not been bowled, the score run rate of BOTH SIDES at the over number completed by the bowling side at 5:00pm will be the deciding factor.
The Committee has decided to conduct these grades on equal batting time of 50 six-ball overs with a maximum of 10 over per bowler.  Captains must endeavour to see that the game is kept moving, and that the 50 overs are bowled.
Drinks breaks will be allowed at the discretion of the team captains.

B2, Social & Ladies Games – Hours of Play

Friday & Saturday Games – Game 1 – 8:30am to 1:00pm; Game 2 – 1:30pm to 6:00pm
Sunday Games – Game 1 – 8:00am to 12:30pm; Game 2 – 12:30pm to 5:00pm

  • This competition will be conducted on equal batting time of 35 overs or two and a quarter hours per side.

  • The number of overs bowled by the first fielding side at the end of two and a quarter hours, if less than 35 shall be the number of overs required to be bowled by the second fielding side

  • No bowler to bowl more than five (5) overs

  • No bowler’s run up to the wicket is to exceed 6 metres.

  • Batsmen must retire on the ball at which they reach 50 runs.  For averages purposes, a compulsory retirement will be regarded as a not out.

The following additional rules will apply in the Social and Ladies Grade only:-

  • A bowler will not bowl more than 8 deliveries in an over (i.e. the first two wides/no balls will be rebowled and penalised one sundry run, any remaining wides or no balls wil be just penalised the one sundry run for each wide or no ball).  This rule has been introduced to ensure games continue with minimal delay.

  • Indemnity forms MUST be filled out by ALL players prior to first game played on the first day of the carnival or risk their team not being invited to play for the following year’s carnival.


The side batting first in ALL GRADES must complete their allotted overs and the side batting second must complete a minimum of twenty overs, otherwise a significant rain event or washout will be declared.
The 20 over mark of the side batting second will then constitute a game.  The run rate of the batting team at the end of the last COMPLETED over at the time of interruption will be used to calculate:

  • The batting sides overall total for incentive points purposes, and

  • To decide the winner of the match.

Only the incentive points obtained by the bowling team at the point of the rain interruption will apply.
NB:  Scorers are to circle the score on the progressive score sheet at the completion of the first 20 overs in all grades.
If both captains agree ad approved by the Disputes Committee, on certain fields, if weather conditions and the condition of the grounds warrant the same, bowlers may bowl from one end only, with the batsmen changing ends at the completion of each over.


All scorebooks are to be picked up from the Secretary’s Office before 8:00am each day and handed in to the secretary’s Office immediately after the completion of each day’s play.
Team captains are requested to ensure that all scores are recorded neatly and correctly for the purpose of compiling averages.
Any team failing to carry these instructions out will automatically be disregarded in so far as averages are concerned.
This is a very big job and is usually handled by two or three people, so please co-operate to give them a chance to keep the averages up to date.


Win = 3 points, Tie = 3 points per team
Loss = 0 points
Washout = 3 points per team, plus incentive points at time of washout
If a game is completely washed out, or if a team forfeits, the team shall be allotted the average of their points for games completed during the carnival.
In addition to the above points, incentive points will be added as follows:
.01 of  point for every run scored            and
.02 of a point for each wicket taken.
In games where the batting side is fully dismissed:-
2 points will be awarded to the bowling team.  One innings ONLY per side, and each side MUST COMPLETE its allotted number of overs, or bowl until the opposition is completed dismissed.


The Charters Towers Cricket Association stresses the following rules for teams drawn to play on the above fields:  Vehicles to be parked ONLY in the approved parking areas.

  • Vehicles not to be driven off designated roadways.

  • Speed limitations must be strictly adhered to.

  • No undue vehicle noise will be tolerated.

  • Please use bins provided at each field for rubbish disposal.

  • DEFINATELY no alcohol allowed on any of these grounds.

CAPTAINS – Please endeavour to see that these rules are strictly adhered to at these grounds.


All players are reminded that alcohol is not to be taken on the field of play at ANY of the grounds.  This rule applies especially to players acting as umpires.  Any team reported breaching this rule will not be invited to play in future carnivals.
The Goldfield Ashes Committee of the Charters Towers Cricket Association wishes to make it clear to all teams in ALL GRADES that persons under the age of 14 years are NOT eligible to play.  This rule will be strictly enforced this year.  All players participating in the Carnival, in ALL GRADES do so at their own risk.


All grounds should be left free of litter following the completion of each game.  All rubbish should be disposed of in the bins provided.
Teams playing in the Ladies competition should also ensure all toilet facilities are checked and kept clean and tidy.
Captains will be held responsible for any reports of leaving their respective fields in an unacceptable manner.  Both captains should therefore agree at the completion of play that their respective areas are free of rubbish and toilets have been left clean.


In the event of heavy overnight rain, a inspection of the playing fields will be conducted by the Carnival Disputes Committee.  Where it is deemed a significant number of fields are unfit for play, changed playing conditions will be declared by 7:00am on the morning of play and a revised draw will be introduced where all games will be declared 20Twenty fixtures for that day’s play only.  Games will be at intervals of 9:00am to 12:30pm and 12:30pm to 4:00pm.
This draw will not alter the teams to play but will alter the field and times of the scheduled game.  A team scheduled to play in the afternoon game may therefore be required to play the first game of the day at 8:00am.
The rescheduled draw will be available from the Club house headquarters following the declaration of the significant rain event.


Disputes Committee:  Roma Bailey, Ian Urquhart, Debbie Urquhart, Kerri Forno, Craig McAllister, Anthony Stout.
Any decision by the disputes committee on any matter during the carnival shall be final and binding.


The object of the Carnival is to bring together from near and far our fellow cricketers to participate with good sportsmanship and friendly rivalry in the King of Games.  We welcome you and hope that your stay is a very enjoyable one.  You can help maintain the high reputation it now enjoys by conducting yourself with propriety at all times during the weekend.

Goldfield Ashes. Charters Towers

2019 Ashes Draw

Goldfield Ashes Charters Towers

The 2019 Ashes DRAW is coming soon!


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Goldfield Ashes Charters Towers
Goldfield Ashes Charters Towers

2019 Nomination Form

Goldfield Ashes Charters Towers

2019 Nomination Form

Goldfield Ashes Charters Towers
Goldfield Ashes Charters Towers

2019 Nomination Letter

Goldfield Ashes Charters Towers

2019 Nomination Letter

Goldfield Ashes Charters Towers
Goldfield Ashes Charters Towers


The 2018 Ashes Results

2018 Results

Goldfield Ashes Charters Towers


Goldfield Ashes Charters Towers

Click here to download the Indemnity Form.

Goldfield Ashes Charters Towers
Goldfield Ashes Charters Towers

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